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Stolen (Love and Revenge Book 2) by Kaye Draper
Publication Date: June 30, 2022
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I thought I'd found a family. I thought I'd found freedom. But it seems I'm destined to always be someone's possession. I don't know if my found family is still even alive thanks to the chaos when I was stolen. And now I'm drowning in the overwhelming decadence of the fae sect of the syndicate. The more I learn about Robin's court, the more I question their motives. Maybe it all really was just pretty lies. The fae are cold and terrible, but alluring in their own way. And they are willing to use a complex web of dizzying manipulation, mind tricks, and sweet words to get information about my abilities and the rebel court. I can't control my powers, and I don't know anything about Robin's plans. But telling them that seems more dangerous than playing their games. They've sent one of their kind to befriend me. But I won't fall for that trick again. Friends are a luxury you can't afford when everyone wants to use you for your magic. The Love and Revenge series features a lost woman who is determined to find herself, and the men and women who love her. Finding your place in the world isn't easy, and this story is suitable for mature audiences only. Contains poly relationships and LGBTQ+ characters.
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