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The Source and Her Guardians: The Source's Magic Book One by Stephanie Lynn
Publication Date: March 23, 2022
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It's been four years, six months and five days since she's seen the sun. Locked in a room, her memories gone, and tortured by two men, one of whom she is inexplicably drawn to.

But when four Guardians come to her rescue, she has to lean on them to find both herself and the strength to be the person she's fated to be.

The Guardians have been searching for their lost Source for years. Split up and discouraged, the men are called to a lonely lighthouse where they discover a tortured young woman in a locked room who doesn't remember who she is.

When the Guardians realize her importance and understand their link to her, they must convince her to claim her power and fight the unknown enemies together. If she doesn't take her place in their world, life as they know it could end.

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