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Love is Eternal: A Ukraine Charity Anthology by Joely Sue Burkhart
Publication Date: April 25, 2022
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Courage is born when hope overcomes fear. -Georgiy Konisky Faced with the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, this collection of authors gathered together to light a small flame of love and hope in the face of fear and darkness. We hope that these romance stories will bring a smile to your face and help remind you that even amid disaster, that love is eternal. All proceeds will be donated to charities to help the people of Ukraine. This is a multi author anthology. Stories may come with a trigger warning and end on a cliff-hanger please beware before reading. Authors Include Tamara White, Joely Sue Burkhart, Alexis Taylor, Beth Hendrix, Hannah Morse, Regina Frame, Rowan St. George, Linny Lawless, Leigh Kelsey, Kate Bonham, Sarah Stein, Pandora Snow, Leaona Luxx, Jewel Lynn, Haley Rhoades, Kelly Lord, Ruby Wolff, C.A. King, & Solamae Reigns.
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