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Haret Chronicles Vampire: First Bite: A Fantasy Romance by Laurel Chase
Publication Date: May 20, 2022
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This is a story of loss. There won’t be a fairytale ending for this princess. I’m broken and banished, and you need to know why. You need to know why, so you understand what I do next. You need to know why, so you understand that my only choice was to become the villain. She took everything from me and my family. Her only mistake was leaving me alive. Because I’ll train, I’ll grow strong, and I’ll return home to be her living nightmare. The only way to beat her is to become worse than her. I’m Kana of Saori Sang, and I’ve lost everything except my darkness. Haret Chronicles: Vampire is set in the world of Haret, continuing a saga that began in Haret Chronicles: Qilin. It can be read both before and after the Qilin books. Reverse Harem - one girl loving multiple guys Fast Burn mixed with Slow Burn - because vampires move fast, but some nuts are hard to crack Steamy - suitable for 18 and up, with some potential for MM in the harem
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