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SIN PLAYERS: tracked by Mara Harte
Publication Date: April 7, 2022
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One woman. Three men. A dark secret. For Brooke, nothing is the same. Her husband is dead, shot in cold blood. Her pretty world as an artist's wife on the outskirts of Chicago is like a nightmare. Then they show up: Wade, Rory, and Halo–wicked, frightening, breathtaking. They unleash Brooke's hidden self, her secret desires. But the three men mean danger. Because Brooke is an order, and an order gets done. As members of the Beria Syndicate, none of them can afford to disobey an order. Two worlds collide. Fear struggles with passion, despair with desire. Which will win in the end: distrust or temptation? TRACKED Part 1 of a breathtaking REVERSE HAREM MAFIA–Trilogy
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