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Her Legacy (Reigning Folklore Book 1) by Guin Archer
Publication Date: March 31, 2022
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Adeline Rimbauer was descended from Caretakers. Her family’s legacy was long and proud, their roots harking back to the earliest days of Others and Normals coexisting in an ever-changing world. And while she was faithful to her job, Addie wasn’t happy.
As far back as she could remember, Adeline suffered. Her mind was a dark, dreary place. Joy and happiness had never been a part of her life. Contentment was hard-won, but it wasn’t peace. Her mother had been besieged by the same blight of sorrow and Addie knew, one day, she’d seek the same escape. After all, nothing she ever did turned out right and each failure was slowly destroying her.

A series of unfortunate events leads Addie down a road she never expected. Where she wholeheartedly believes she’s not worth the air she breathes, seven miraculous men are bound and determined to show Adeline how much of a miracle she really is.

Their miracle.

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