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Defile: Bleeding Hearts, Book 2: A Dark Secret Society Reverse Harem Romance by Eve Newton
Publication Date: August 24, 2022
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Waking up after my accident, I discover how far up the creek I am without a paddle. Needing to get back to my men, I plot a daring escape, but things don’t go quite according to plan, and I’m swept up in a battle that I never even knew existed, let alone wanted to be a part of. My body and soul are defiled by the events that have rocked my world, but it is time to show them that they messed with the wrong woman. With not only my life on line, but an ally’s as well, can I make it back to my men in time to stop the war heading our way that will see the city torn into factions, every single one of them out for blood. Book 2 in the Bleeding Hearts Series. This is a dark contemporary romance with triggering situations and dark themes. Includes scenes of BDSM. (Please read the Preface regarding the triggers). Please note that it is set in England with British characters and as such there are British English words used in dialogue and inner monologue.
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