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Her Cowboy Mafia: A Contemporary Western Reverse Harem Romance by Maeve Mallory
Publication Date: March 14, 2022
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The wildcard. The muscles. And the cunning, broken cowboy who leads the trio. Decker, Blaze, and Colt arrive in my small town with a spray of bullets. I’m the town’s only doctor; I have a duty to save lives, and I sure as hell plan on doing so. Even if it means coming up against the cowboy mafia. Even if it means doing so by myself. But they aren’t what I expected. Especially Colt… the cowboy I knew from my childhood, who has grown into a gorgeous man with a monumental chip on his shoulder. After an interesting first confrontation, I find myself abducted by these men and taken on their journey of vengeance. I’m going to keep up my defenses, remember the oath I took to help the people of Blue Mountain. But the more I learn about these men, the more I question everything I thought I knew. These three gorgeous cowboys are a lot of things—deadly, charming, wicked—but what if they’re also right: that not everyone in my tiny town is what they seem? I can’t fall for one naughty cowboy. I definitely can’t fall for three. After all, it’s not just my heart on the line… it might be the safety of my whole town. ***Triggers: Whether you use this list as a warning label or a shopping list, please be careful. Her Cowboy Mafia contains blood, violence, murder, domestic violence, kidnapping (sort of?), reverse harem relationships, and male/male play. Enjoy!
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