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Monsters Below (The Creatures We Crave Book 2) by R.L. Caulder
Publication Date: August 8, 2022
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Monsters Below is book two in The Creatures We Crave series, which is set within the shared universe of Dark Imaginarium Academy. All series can be read independently, but characters have crossovers and it is highly encouraged to read all within the universe to understand the world in its entirety. Monsters Within has graphic violence and mature adult themes. DARK IMAGINARIUM ACADEMY FEATURES CHARACTERS THAT ARE ALL 18+. THIS IS NOT A HIGH SCHOOL ACADEMY SETTING AND THE CONTENTS ARE INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES. SERIES WITHIN THE UNIVERSE: Monarchs of Hell (Complete Series) by R.L. Caulder and M. Sinclair Dark Imaginarium Academy: The Creatures We Crave by R.L. Caulder Phases of the Moon by M. Sinclair Blood Oath by R.L. Caulder The Storm Dragons’ Mate by M. Sinclair
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