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Succubus Ascended (The (un) Lucky Succubus Book 9) by L.L. Frost
Publication Date: April 15, 2022
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Don’t miss the final adventure for Adeline Boo Pond and her demons of destruction, a heart-warming adventure of saving the world, finding love in unlikely places, and cupcakes. *** Last month I was an unknown baker. Now, I’m an internet celebrity and responsible for destroying the world? All I wanted was to save my men and stop Cassandra from stealing everything I love. But I never could have predicted the consequences of reclaiming what’s mine. With the ley lines back in their rightful position, it weakened the veil, allowing demons to flee the wasteland of our world and set up residence on the human plane. The big secret that demons exist is now out in the open, and they have video proof of me to prove it. With magic returning to the human plane, nothing will ever be the same. Clearhelm holds everything I wanted in life, but it’s time for us to leave. We can’t do that, though, until Landon is returned to resume governorship of his territory. I refuse to abandon my people after promising them protection. But who will protect me? Not everyone is happy with the new changes, and they’ve locked me in their cross-hairs for elimination. Can we pull off the impossible one more time? Or will this spell the end for the adventures of Adeline Boo Pond? Brings together Succubus Harem Serial 50-55.
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