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Kissed by Death (Their Soul to Keep Book 2) by Harper Frey
Publication Date: October 20, 2022
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Nothing in my life is as it seems. The four men who saved me have been keeping secrets—big ones—and their revelations shake my world to its foundation. They tell me I'm not who I think I am, I'm not what I think I am, but there's more to the story; I know there is. We're bound together in ways I don't fully understand, but it's becoming clear they're not only my future but my past, too. The unrest in the Shadow Realm is leaking into my world, and I seem to be at the center of it. Monsters lurk around every corner, and the people I love are in danger. The Horsemen will do whatever it takes to protect me and mine, but if I am what they say, I'm not as helpless as I'd once believed. My life has always been kissed by death—I no longer fear it. It's time to become something new, something more because the creatures of my nightmares have crossed the veil. Am I strong enough to stand beside the Horsemen and become something even monsters fear? (The release date for this book will be pushed up)
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