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Wolves of Crescent Valley: The Complete Duet by Maya Nicole
Publication Date: March 16, 2022
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I never knew what living was until I stepped foot in The Guillotine Nightclub.
My intentions weren't just to bartend but to gather intel on the lone wolf who owns the place. Instead, I found myself in much deeper with the wolves of Crescent Valley than I'd ever imagined.

They're working with dangerous humans who know about our secret world, and it could put all shifters at risk.

Making matters worse, my feelings start to grow for my new boss who has the weight of a secret on his shoulders, a delicious psycho who is obsessed with me but melts my heart, and a mysterious fighter who has something to prove.

I've lived my life in a bubble, but that bubble is about to burst.

Can I protect the three men who have stolen my heart while protecting our kind, or will everything crumble around me?

*Wolves of Crescent Valley is a complete duet which includes Fox Undercover and Fox on the Run. It is told in multiple POVs, and the main character does not pick between the men. Contains mature scenes, male/male, and adult language.

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