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Fierce Daddies by Lucky Moon
Publication Date: May 31, 2022
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Three fierce protector Daddies. One very lost Little.Do they want to save her? Or seduce her? Or both? When Elodie Richards loses her way on a forest trail, she has to fight for her survival. As a city girl from LA – and the daughter of an uber-famous Hollywood actor – she isn’t prepared for this. Lucky for her, not one but three men come to her rescue. Elodie, a Little, finds herself in a remote logging community somewhere deep in the Colorado mountains. But is she safe around all these growly, grumpy men? They say they’re protecting her, but what’s their deal? Why do they keep acting like she’s still in danger? As Elodie’s injuries start to heal, her mind starts to wander to her three saviours: Brook, Chance, Huck. Three of the strongest, gruffest men she’s ever seen. Tattoos. Biceps. Beards. They’ve lived in the woods for so long they’re practically wild animals. But are these men… Daddies? Soon, all of Elodie’s questions are answered. By then, she doesn’t care about the danger. She has other things on her mind. And on her body. A reverse harem age play novel with a very happy ending! #Whychoose? ;)
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