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The Daddy Contest (Liberty Littles Book 5) by Lucky Moon
Publication Date: July 26, 2022
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A butcher, a baker, a candle-stick maker… How’s a Little to choose? Curvaceous Brie is spoiled for choice. Since arriving in Liberty, she’s had men literally throwing themselves at her feet. OK, maybe not literally. Except that one time, when Silas was trying to save her from a rattlesnake. But mischievous Brie has a plan. She’s holding a Daddy Contest! Only the strongest, sweetest, s*xiest Daddy will win her heart! The thing is, she’s so naturally shy and submissive that she’s not telling them about it. She secretly rates them in her glitter-covered unicorn notebook until one day… they find out. Each of the Daddy Doms finds a way to punish Brie for her naughtiness, but that doesn’t mean the Daddy Contest is over. Far from it. Butcher Zayn – with biceps like bowling balls – displays his strength to Brie in a way no Daddy has ever done before! Baker Dax – the sensitive one – shows his affection in his home-cooked creations. And Silas. Well, Silas is the mysterious one. The one with a dark – and s*xy – secret. Who will win the Daddy Contest? And what happens when one of the Daddies suggests teaming up? Is there any way that all THREE Daddies can win Brie’s heart? This is a STEAMY MMMF Reverse Harem Age Play second chance romance featuring consenting adults who are perfect for each other. The heroine ends up with three seriously doting Daddies. It includes spanking, suspense, a ton of heart, and a full-blooded Happy Ever After. #Whychoose? ;) Enjoy! Book Five in the Liberty Littles series, set in the fictional town of Liberty, Texas: an abandoned mining town that is slowly transformed into a perfect haven for Littles and their devoted Doms. The books can be read in any order, and as standalones, but best enjoyed chronologically as part of the series.
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