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The Demons of Hawthorne Manor by K.M. Mixon
Publication Date: April 5, 2022
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Seraphine Thomas is already haunted inside of her mind. She has left behind the life she knew for a better chance at solace. Banemoure promises to be all that and more. New job, new weather, new start. Her new job at Hawthorne Inc. seems too good to be true. They want her, and they want her now. It’s always good to be wanted right? She will face more demons than her own soon after landing in Banemoure, Maine. And all of them will demand a piece of her. Bram Hawthorne hired Seraphine for the front desk, but now reclusive his brother has started to slip in his duties to the company. Being the new girl means Seraphine drew the short straw. Bram sends send her to clean up Eldric's messes and keep him in line. She will never have to even be in contact with him, but the old manor holds secrets that he hated to have to send her into the middle of. An unexpected twist of fate will leave two brothers enchanted by the same girl. Neither could have ever dreamt of what Seraphine would become to them, or to the manor. Will working with the demons of hawthorne manor be the best opportunity Seraphine has ever gotten in life? Or will it be the very thing that leads her to her end? Content Warning: The Demons of Hawthorne Manor is a dark reverse harem, in which some subject matter may be upsetting to some readers. You can find the full details on the content warning on the authors website. (
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