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Devious Lies (Mafia Princess Book 2) by CM Wondrak
Publication Date: July 1, 2022
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Shot. Left for dead, but not quite dead yet. Danger lurks around every corner in Cypress. More than one person wants me dead, and it would be stupid to trust any of the handsome faces around me, yet I find myself doing just that. Who shot me? I don't know, but I'm going to find out, and when I do, I'll have my revenge. Bloody, swift, and severe. I'll make sure of it, even if I have to stain my gloves in red again. But things are never how they appear, and when I find out the truth, everything changes. Lie after lie, I've been fed nothing but false pretenses, and I'm done playing the perfect daughter. No longer an heir, I am who I always should've been... A pissed off girl with a grudge to bear and a bullet with a certain man's name on it. Hatred has never tasted so sweet. *Devious Lies is the second book in a planned RH/Why Choose trilogy. Violence, swearing, and psycho love interests are what you'll find in this book. Make sure to note TW before Chapter One. This series follows The Black Hand series. To make the most of this world, it is suggested you read The Black Hand first.*
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