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Ariadne's Thread (Skein and Sorcery Book 1) by Anya Getty
Publication Date: June 8, 2022
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Ariadne was born in poverty, raised by her aunt and uncle, and now lives as a companion to their daughter, Pippa. Her life is small, simple, and predictable. It’s not a terrible life: her uncle is distant but not uncaring, her cousin Pippa is silly but sweet, her aunt is preoccupied with Spiritualism but kind, and her uncle’s other ward, Daniel, is her one confidante. Ariadne knows that she is the poor relation. She knows that she has nothing to offer a world that values wealth, privilege, and power. She knows she will likely spend her life at Cordwell Park as more than a servant but less than an equal. She knows that Daniel will never be anything but a friend. She knows that her aunt’s obsessions are unhealthy but ultimately harmless, because magic is a fantasy for children. She knows that her path is set out before her, straight and narrow, and that nothing will ever change. Then Foxfield Hall is let. Cordwell Park finds itself regularly hosting their new neighbors. And Ariadne discovers that everything she knew was wrong. Ariadne’s Thread is a medium burn, reverse harem paranormal romance set in the Regency period. While it will appeal to fans of Austen or Bridgerton, it contains material Jane Austen would have been pilloried for printing, so readers of delicate sensitivity or young age should seek their entertainment elsewhere. Contains adult content, M/M, rakes, questionable seances, scandals, and shameless use of puppies as alibis.
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