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Chained Fates: A Sci-fi Alien Omegaverse Standalone Romance (Omega Myths) by Yve Vale
Publication Date: May 20, 2022
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Four Demon Warriors. The last Serafim. One dark cell. Andora: I'm the last Serafim... the last of my kind. As a child, my parents were murdered, and I was taken prisoner. There is none left of my species to teach me the ways of my people or the secrets of my powers. All I know is that I can heal with my touch. Now, years later, I find myself imprisoned with four males from a violent warrior species. I am not their enemy, but they do not realize this. Krillon forces me to aid in their torture. With their massive size, horns, and tails, I worry they will seek revenge for my reluctant part in their torment. Is Krillon testing my healing abilities? Or is he attempting to awaken a more sinister power from within me?   Rylak: I know that our torture is meant to be the beatings we suffer. But the true nightmare my pack and I face is hope. Here, in this forsaken pit, we believe that we have finally found our fated mate. We crave to protect this innocent female, but fear that we cannot. Andora's presence will only cause us to fight that much harder. We hope not only to escape, but to take Andora with us and claim her as ours. *Chained Fates is also available on Kindle Vella as a completed serial.* Chained Fates is a Science fiction Dark Alien Omegaverse Standalone Romance novel. This story features one female with more than one male love interest. This book includes: Sexual content and adult themes.It contains potentially triggering situations, abuse, explicit and steamy love scenes, knotting, nesting, alien demons, angels, magic, evil villains, and murder.
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