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Break (Brickstone University Reverse Harem Book 3) by D.M. Page
Publication Date: May 20, 2022
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This is book three in the series and must be read in order. This contains spoilers for books one and two, so if you haven't read them, turn back now!

Aly has been taken and the guys need to get her back before they lose it completely. Nicoli, Jeremy, Jay, Kiran and Ajax are lost without their mate and will do anything to get her back. Once they do, they'll do anything to keep her safe from those who took her.

*This is a medium burn, paranormal, reverse harem, meaning she doesn’t have to choose and book three of four in the series. The story changes POVs between the main character and her men. The steaminess factor will go up as the series goes on and is intended for 17+. This is 45,000 words and ends on a cliff hanger*

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