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Claws and Conspiracies by AR Walls
Publication Date: March 31, 2022
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It’s not like I asked for this… I just wanted that sweet, sweet middle-class existence.
My life was a cycle of day-in, day-out predictability. Work. Eat. Happy hour. Sleep. Rinse and repeat. It’s everything I wanted and everything I dreamed about. I loved the stability and reliability of it. What’s more? I was good at it. My annual performance reviews said so!

Until one day when my life’s routines were blown up and my carefully curated habits were ashes floating down around me. Literally.

Instead of the normalcy I craved, I was left with ensuing chaos. I was being watched by the company I worked for. I was a suspect for an act of domestic terrorism. I’m fairly certain I’m going insane. What’s more? My apartment’s night guard is too pretty for his own good.

It all becomes too much, and I find myself very alone and very paranoid.

Then, when I most need a lifeline, that chiseled Greek god of a night guard? He shows up at my doorstep asking me to trust him. Him and his two best friends.

He promises me answers if I just believe in him for the duration of one conversation. He promises me answers if I simply accept that magic exists for ten minutes. And because I’m convinced that I’m already in the middle of a mental breakdown, I tell him I’ll listen.

Now? My respectable life and career are in the rearview mirror and I’m just along for the ride.

Too bad someone is chasing me.


Claws and Conspiracies is the first book in a paranormal reverse harem romance series with dark subject matter. It ends on a cliff hanger and will be completed in Book 2. Please note that this book contains MM, MF, and MMMF relationships (no cheating). This book is intended for readers over 18 years due to the included violence, language, and sexual content.
See the inside the book for a complete content warning which may be difficult for some readers.

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