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Witches, Weres, & Warriors: A First-in-Series Collection by JL Madore
Publication Date: March 3, 2022
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Witches, Weres, & Warriors, oh my! Not sure what your next read should be? Searching for your next book boyfriend? Witches, Weres, & Warriors: First-in-Series Collection by JL Madore gives you a chance to try out four different completed series. RISE OF THE PHOENIX: will start you off in the shifter, fated mates, why-choose adventure of a five-book love story. The next two mating stories are already complete, giving you twelve books in this family saga of the fae realms. WATCHER UNTETHERED: takes you into the shadowed streets of Toronto where nine Nephilim warriors find their destiny while policing the demons of the hell realm. BLAZE IGNITES: is the first in a five-book Elemental Urban Fantasy series where strong, capable women find their place in a harsh and dangerous world. IN THE SHADOW OF VESUVIUS: is a standalone Roman Time-Slip adventure about a sassy antiquities thief who steals the wrong coin and has her life is forever changed. Expect to find steamy romances, language, rollicking action, strong plots, medium angst.
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