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Shattering The Darkness (Pieces of Us Book 4) by Kerry Taylor
Publication Date: March 2, 2022
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It has been a long road for Olivia and her guys. Together they have been to Hell and back more than once. Now, four years after the downfall of Olivia's monsters, has the past finally been laid to rest once and for all? Can Olivia, Kade, Kyle, Cole and Matt finally find the peace and happiness they truly deserve? With exciting news for her guys, Olivia certainly thinks a bright future is on the horizon, but can the past ever really remain the past? With history creeping up on the guys once more and more at stake than ever, can they all pull together to fight the darkness once again? This is a novella which completes the 'Pieces Of Us' series and should be read after books 1-3. It is a reverse harem, with one woman in a relationship with several men.
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