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Fated Alpha: A Reverse Harem Rejected Mate Shifter Romance by Claire Asher
Publication Date: March 1, 2022
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I finally escaped the prison I once called home and moved to a place where no one knew who I was. All I needed to do was keep my head down and I’d be able to coast through life with anonymity… Or so I thought. When a wildly sexy bodyguard, Connor Christian, kidnapped my best friend, I was forced to face my fated mate, Prince Gabriel D’Marco. He’s the son of a tyrant and future ruler of a bloodthirsty clan where she-wolves are treated like dirt. The devilishly handsome prince told me that my days of freedom were numbered unless we found his missing fiancée, who was last seen in Pentacle Academy. Failure to track her down would mean that our wedding was back on and I’d have to marry him in a month. With my freedom on the line, I formed an unlikely alliance with the Prince and his bodyguard, plunging back into the world of the supernatural. As we hit one dead end after another, my deepening feelings for Connor clash against my intense cosmic attraction for Gabriel. With dangers mounting and betrayals looming, can love prevail after secrets are revealed?
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