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The Lion's Share: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance (My Fated Zodiac Harem Book 5) by Ursula Fleet
Publication Date: July 23, 2022
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What I didn’t know might make me deader. The Void crocodile we beat was just a rogue escapee. Turns out a whole pack of them were summoned to this reality to guard something… or someone. A magical scientist has found Earth and claimed it as his lab—and this guy doesn’t have an ethics committee for his bloodthirsty experiments on humanity. I don’t want to know what he’s feeding the laboratory's guard crocs, but he must be stopped. Our only hope of finding the crocs’ master is our hunter: Leo, the magnificent lion. My fifth Zodiac constellation. The man whose insufferable pride won't let him admit that he’s not completely sure where the trail leads... What could go wrong? If Lovecraft went on a bar crawl through Queens with your twelve favorite book boyfriends, you’d get My Fated Zodiac Harem. Snarky banter, one sassy heroine, twelve sexy reborn stars, and lots of fun await... scroll up and one-click now! Book 6 is available on preorder for August 23rd, 2022.
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