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Sugar and Surrender (The Surrender Duet Book 2)
Publication Date: March 7, 2023
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Grace is sick of Hell.Seriously. The past is catching up to her, and she has nowhere left to run. She's tired of the truth being hidden from her, tired of having to fight for a freedom she's never truly had. Grace wants answers, and she's sure Harlow, Red, Eli and Zeke have them. Except, after injuring the man she'd come to care for, Grace can't stand to stay in Hell a second longer. But will Harlow let her go again? With the others let her leave, or will they follow? Can she escape her own future as she tries to escape the past? Maybe it's time to surrender. Memories to unlock. Fear to face. Heat that burns hotter than Hellfire. Sugar and Surrender is the second book in an adult, dark romance, 'why choose' duet. There are multiple love interests and Grace does not choose between them. Please check the CWs listed at the start of the book before reading.
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