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Planet Oster: Fertility Fusion (The Holiday Hedonism Series) by J.L. Logosz & Vera Valentine
Publication Date: April 23, 2022
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[Note: Release date is a placeholder; book will likely be released well beforehand. :)] When broma pod smuggler Ch'ik Wazo finds herself - literally - down and out on an unfamiliar planet in the Rahnbo system. she's forced to admit she's in one hell of a tight spot. Just as she's preparing for a long, boring, and credit-less wait through the harvest season, an unlikely trio of long-eared aliens makes her an irresistible offer. Zul, Roz, and Jau promise they'll help her save her cargo if she'll agree to carry theirs. But with hidden dangers ready to turn a not-so-simple business arrangement into an all-out space war, it will only take one wrong move for this strange partnership to go supernova. Planet Oster: Fertility Fusionis an explicit Easter-themed alien romance intended for 18+ audiences only. It involves very explicit group activity, colorful (and frequent) explosions of "egg dye," ovipositor action, discussions of fertility, pregnancy, birth, allusions to sex work, allusions to drugs, violence, potential unaliving of baddies, awakening of furry tendencies you might have been previously unaware of, alien anatomy. While neither sweet bunnyboys still carrying their V-cards for certain acts or MM interaction needs a "warning," consider this a notice this lovely stuff is in here too. :) Important note: We know the cover is cute AF, it got you to come check it out, right? So listen, we know this may LOOK like something you'd flip through while lounging at the pool but it is - and we cannot stress this enough - VERY much an adult novel, with moving parts and moisture and no-no (yes! yes!) words all over the place. This is your heads up.
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