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Curse of the Four Gods: The Book of Curses Saga by Melinoe Black
Publication Date: March 11, 2022
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Meet Raine Renning and her twin brother Thomas Renning, they're just your average college students celebrating their twenty-first birthday... that is until an unlikely situation throws them into a world they never thought existed. Being hailed as the 'twins of prophecy' it's up to them to learn what they have to, find who they need and stop the four gods before their tyranny becomes the ruin and end of them all. Will they finally be able to stop the four gods and bring harmony and peace to this world or will they like so many others fail and fall to their doom? ***** Raine and Thomas Renning are in for the surprise of their lives on their twenty-first birthday! After exchanging gifts between Thomas, Raine and their best friend Christie, Tom finally gives Raine the gift he'd gotten especially for her. A gift that will change their lives forever - A book - not just any book though, one that tells of an ancient prophecy... and they're the ones to fulfill it. After reading it aloud they're pulled into the curse bound pages of the book, and land in a world far from their own. Creatures that had only ever been read about take their places as guardians for the Renning twins as they begin their journey to save a world within' a book from the ruin destined to befall it. Amidst the turmoil and pain they face Raine can't help but realize just how drawn she is to two certain men. It seems things are going to only get hotter from here on out. Now if only they could manage to learn to kill four gods before they kill them. This is a slow burn reverse harem book, the first in the saga.
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