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Sugar Plum: Haret Chronicles Qilin: A Fantasy Romance (Sugar Bites Book 7) by Laurel Chase
Publication Date: March 25, 2022
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All my fears are slowly turning into love. My happily ever after is here, and I’m going to make the most of it. I have my men, my new families, and my people all coming together to make sure things are safe for what’s coming next - our twins. It’s time to turn inward and create our new family, instead of worrying about the world outside. Haret still has a long way to go in many areas. We’re not sure what our twins will mean to some, but I’m not worried. On top of all the help I have, I’ve learned the most important lesson - to trust myself. Everything I’ve been through shows me I can make it through anything else. I’m Carlyle Licorne, and I finally feel like an everyday Goddess. The Sugar Bites series features Carlyle and her six men, navigating the new Haret as only she can do - with snark, sugar, and shanking. This is the final book in Carlyle's series! These fun novellas follow the main Haret Chronicles, but they can be read before those books, too. Ready for your next sugar fix? Scroll up now to start the fun! Reverse Harem - one girl loving six guys Fast Burn - our girl is already mated - why wait? Steamy - suitable for 18 and up, plus some MMM in the harem
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