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Harpy: A Dark RH Romance by Cara North
Publication Date: March 21, 2022
Amazon Book Description

If you are looking for the traditional Cara North romance, look away. It says Dark on the cover for a reason. It's really difficult to bully someone when they want it. I always want it. And so much more. Could one man provide? Not when what I want is more than one man. They try to control me. They try to manipulate me. I'm young, not dumb, and when the darkest of these princes takes a real interest, it's time to level up. He thinks because he's from a crime family he's wicked. Then he meets me, calls me the devil. He might be right because I don't just want their bodies, I want their hearts, their souls, and I intend to get everything I want. One way or another. Content warning: This is a dark, erotic, new adult, contemporary, reverse harem romance which means there is bullying, dub-con, and multiple partners at once.
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