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Pandemonium (Kings of Grove Academy Book 3)
Publication Date: February 10, 2023
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ELLIE For so long, secrets have ripped us apart. But slowly and surely, I’m learning to put my trust in the five dangerous men who’ve captured my heart. Shocking revelations prove just how deadly the Paragons of Prosperity truly are. By taking the Paragons on, I must decide what I’m willing to give up to destroy them once and for all. But what if that price is the lives of the men I’ve grown to love? THE KINGS We lied to her for way too long. But now, everything is out in the open. We’ll do everything in our power to protect our precious Ellie against the threats attacking us from every angle. Will it be enough? One thing is clear… The Divine One refuses to let her go. And we may not be strong enough to stop him. This is a dark reverse harem romance with gothic academies, dangerous cults, serial killers, and a sweet girl planted smack dab in the middle of it all. This book contains strong language, sexual situations, and scenes of graphic violence. Pandemonium is book three of five in the Kings of Grove Academy series.
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