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Her Secret Garden by Raven Jayne
Publication Date: April 20, 2022
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When my mother died, she left me alone in the world with a promise and a warning... though he can save you, do not trust Arch Craven. I prayed I'd never have to find out why, but my wickedness was greater than my faith. When my commune turns me out for my impure thoughts and deeds, I have no choice but to go to Misselthwaite Manor and beg to be saved. The man I am to call Uncle Arch holds a painting in trust for me. A painting so valuable that it could wash away my sins and allow me back into the gates of the Eden I was thrown from. Under the fog-draped roof of his estate, I begin to discover the truth of my mother's words. There are secrets here, rumors. Late-night visitors and forbidden libraries. There are men, cold and cruel and beautiful and mocking, who look at my body as though I am the painting, gauging my value. Colin, haunted and lonely, wants to save me. Dickon, wanton and charming, wants to train me. Neville desperately wants to sell me. And the worst of them, the dark and foreboding Arch Craven... He wants to possess and destroy me in equal measure. And once I discover the filthy pleasures of his Garden, I might just let him.
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