Daughter of Perdition: The Complete Series by Adell Ryan

Daughter of Perdition: The Complete Series by Adell Ryan

Daughter or Perdition is edgy, gritty, dark, and sexy, with a smattering of humor.
Sometimes, we do unforgivable things… just to survive.

Who — or what — I am is a mystery, where I came from an enigma. All I know is I fell from the sky.

In this strange land, only a select few females exist, one per thousands upon thousands of males — including the male who fell right alongside me.

My Fallen companion may hold the key to unlocking the long lost memories trapped in the recesses of my mind, or maybe he is the reason I want to forget. One thing is for certain: I am determined to find out.

In this beautifully dangerous land, full of sin and submission, numerous men are mine for the taking, and mortals are my prey.

Problem is, I’m not sure I’m cut out for the dark and twisted role this place demands.


Daughter of Perdition is a steamy, dark High Fantasy and Paranormal blend Reverse Harem Romance. This set contains all three books in the trilogy—The Fall, The Rise, and The Wake. Note: Our heroine in Daughter of Perdition feeds on the “sins” of mortals. Thus, she is often forced to explore, witness, and become an accomplice to varying degrees of highly triggering topics that some readers may find difficult to read. These incidents are not added to the story for shock value or to cause contention; rather, they’ve been included to progress the story in a way that is realistic and congruent with the concept of the overall story arc.