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The Witch's Monsters by River Ramsey
Publication Date: March 31, 2022
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Sometimes it feels like I never stop running from my past.

When my never-ending journey leads me to a sleepy small town in northern Vermont, I’m afraid to hold out hope this peaceful sanctuary might turn out to be my permanent home.

But after my herbal magic saves a white cat that turns out to be way more than what I bargained for, Cold Creek’s brooding, atheistic, smoking hot veterinarian sets his sights on me. And in spite of my aversion to getting attached to anything—or anyone—it doesn’t take long for me to start putting down roots.

Like always, it doesn’t take long for all hell to break loose, and when the cat that got me into this mess reveals my apocalyptic destiny, I find out the man I’m falling for is far from my only fated lover.

There’s no shortage of eligible bachelors in Cold Creek, either. Or terrible monsters, if my visions and intuition are to be believed.

And the five men who are destined to help me unlock my powers just might be monsters themselves.


Author's Note: The Witch's Monsters is a Reverse Harem Monster Romance, so the heroine doesn't have to choose between her men--or monsters--when she gets her Happily Ever After. This series is packed with monstrously hot men, apocalyptic mayhem, and eventual MMF content that will make pearl clutchers run for the hills. The Witch's Monsters was previously published as The Witch's Familiars under my former pen name, G.A. Rael. The entire series has been completely rewritten in first person, and it deviates strongly from the original.

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