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Vampire Captivated by Sabrina Thatcher
Publication Date: March 11, 2022
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Even vampires have secrets. The biggest secret, of course, being that they exist in the first place. The last place I expected to run into supernaturals of the bloodsucking variety is smack-dab in the middle of sunny Nevada. In high school. In the suburbs. Though, I suppose, there’s something to be said about hiding in plain sight. At first glance, the LeBlanc family next door is just an ordinary family, but it isn’t long before even their best kept secrets start to slip. It would normally be easy to stay away from them, but there’s more than one reason the LeBlanc brothers make that impossible, and it has more to do with their impossibly good looks than I’d like to admit. Grey, the stoic one determined to protect his family above all. Rowan, the romantic one most likely to risk it all. Lawrence, the flighty one and newest turn who’s greatest concern is accidentally murdering the girl he can barely keep his hands off of—that girl being me. The three of them would be big enough trouble to contend with, but the brooding, sexy-as-hell gardener’s son seems determined to try to keep us apart for a reason he stubbornly refuses to tell me. All his efforts, of course, have the opposite effect. I came to Nevada to try and find some semblance of a normal life, but it isn’t long before a normal life is the last thing on my mind. Vampire Captivated is the first in a new YA/NA paranormal romance trilogy where the heroine doesn't have to choose in the end.
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