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The Rising: Thea: A Why Choose Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance (Eve Of The Fae Book 1) by Jane O'Roarke
Publication Date: March 31, 2022
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A STEAMY Why Choose/RH Sci - Fi Fantasy Romance.This is e-book which contains episodes 1 - 32 of The Rising: Thea in Kindle Vella under my pen name - Shannon G. Caldwell. Thea Duffy's arrival in London sets a series of calamities in motion sending her running back to the mountains of WV after a wild one-and-done with a sexy Scotsman...or two. Cormac and Fyn don't have time for doomsday prophecies or their grandmother's ravings about faeries. They are too busy saving the family business and Clan heirloom, but the universe has other plans. The stakes are higher than anyone knows; is this the beginning of the end? Best suited for 18+ for language, sexual content, and multiple partners forming a reverse harem. This is book one in a series and ends on a cliffhanger. This book should be read first.
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