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We're All Cursed: Disaster Zone Jones Book Three by Kat Quinn
Publication Date: March 10, 2022
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Look, not to kink shame or anything, but I’m reeeeeeeally getting tired of all these baddies trying to be on my butt all the time.It’s time to take the fight to them. (Let’s just hope, this time, I don’t punch myself in the face…again.)What’s the worst that can go down—we all live happily ever after? Stranger things have happened.This is a medium burn urban fantasy/paranormal reverse harem romance with explicit scenes of violence, sex, and abuse that may be triggering for some. There is an M/M relationship that develops alongside of and in addition to the group dynamic. All sexual situations in this book are consensual. It is the third and final book in a series within an overall world epic, and ends HEA. Please be aware that this is recommended for readers 18+There is a recap in the beginning of this book, enjoy!
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