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Between the Pack: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance by Laura Wylde
Publication Date: March 13, 2022
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Can one woman love four gorgeous wolf-shifter bodyguards at the same time? It was supposed to be a simple job. Look after my pop star sister during her residency gig in Las Vegas. Keep her safe from weirdos and fanatics. Wait for the right time to live my dream of being a fashion designer. If only I hadn’t already slept with one of the bodyguards. Sly, the serious, buttoned-up professional, is just as surprised as I am to come face to face with the person he had been body to body with mere hours before. But for him, the job comes first, always. Or does it? Sly might try to stuff down his feelings for his one-night-stand-turned-security-detail, but he’ll have to contend with the other three men who have caught my eye, and my heart. In Jake, the playful jokester who never takes life too seriously, I find a kindred spirit, particularly after we share a passionate kiss. Vinnie, the sweetheart, always does what he can for others, and soon I feel our friendship turning into something more. Ollie, the quiet, moody one nursing a broken heart, doesn’t open up to anyone—but somehow, I make him feel at ease. Will we all be able to keep everyone safe while we wrestle with our feelings? And, will I have to choose? Or, can I really have everything I want from the men who encourage my dreams, capture my heart, and excite my passions?
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