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Found: Denver Alpha Duet Book Two (Grimm Brothers' Tattoo World 7) by November Sweets
Publication Date: June 15, 2022
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In a matter of minutes, my life went from carefree and in love, to captured and confused. We escaped the witches but at what cost to the rest of us. Silas is slowly coming apart, I’m more confused than ever and there is the possibility that more wolves are my mates. Our safety is still in question but that isn’t my biggest worry right now. Something happened to me in that cage and I fear the witch's wishes may be coming true after all. The only bright moment is that Darius hasn’t left my side for a moment and I finally realize he never will. But is that enough to save us from what’s to come? When the witches get tired of hiding and come for me once more will there be enough of us to stop them? Or will the happiness I’ve found be stripped away once more? Found is the second book in the Denver Alpha Duet, it's not suitable for anyone under that age of 18 due to language, sexual situation, violence, and many other heavier themes including but not limited to depression, talk of past child trauma, and stalking. Please check book for more details. There is also sword crossing in this duet and it will get spicy.
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