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Four Times The Sass: Sassy Ever After by Lia Davis
Publication Date: March 17, 2022
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Autumn Powell has never truly belonged. As the loner of the Wolfe Pack, this sassy, curvy shifter lives one day at a time on her own terms. And she prefers her life this way. But when four gorgeous tiger shifters walk into her bar, her wolf can't help but notice. As desires and fantasies begin to stir within, suddenly her quiet life isn't so quiet anymore. Korbin, Chase, Logan, and Maddox are on the hunt for a killer. Knowing Autumn could very well be the next target, they have no choice but to offer her their protection. But Autumn isn't the type to sit around and wait, and it quickly becomes clear that they are supposed to do more than just keep her alive. If they can help her survive, can they also convince her that she's meant to be the mate for each of them?
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