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Exit Strategy by Elle Stager
Publication Date: February 14, 2022
Amazon Book Description

Winifred is very good at her job. After following her dreams to NYC, she has dedicated some of the best years of her life to her job at the arena. Now that she is finally the head of her department nothing can shake her from her path. Enter EXIT. Ezra. Xander. Isaac. Tyson. World-famous would be an understatement. The British foursome top every chart, take home every award, break every record. You can’t go anywhere without seeing their faces. And what’s more? They are the nation’s sweethearts. The kind of rockstars you could take home to meet your mother. They have never had one decent scandal between the four of them. Until now. What happens when four men want the same girl? What happens when she wants them too? Winifred is very good at getting what she wants. … Exit Strategy is a stand-alone, reverse-harem style, NA romance. While only one pair will remain together at the end, there are no broken hearts and everyone gets their HEA.
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