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The Scarlet Wolf: Book One of the Harvest Moon Selection Series by Blair Wild
Publication Date: May 24, 2022
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Being rejected by your fated mate is supposed to be unheard of. An act so cruel, that the forsaken wolf in the fated bond is said to almost never survive the pain of it. It’s because we’re shifters. Feral in our laws and nature compared to so many other preternatural beings while maintaining a humanity that is missing in so many. We follow our hierarchy and live to mate, to hunt and to maintain the wellness of our packs.

It’s why you never hear of a fated mate being rejected by their significant other—it can devastate an entire pack, if not kill the refused wolf in the process. Corvus Rowan must have missed the memo when he threatened to do so to me.

They call me the Scarlet Wolf. As the most dreaded mercenary of the Northern lands, they whisper my name with a certain reverence that derives from their fear. Yet they’re the ones who molded me in to what I am.

Perhaps it was my soul that had died with the rejection of my fated mate.

We were just kids then. Now, with the Harvest Moon Selection coming and I am finally of age, I have the chance to push the pain back on to my fated mate. To finally unshackle myself of our bond fully and live my life away from his shadow.

But shadows will always linger. And suddenly it’s not Corvus who has control of my freedom.

The Scarlet Wolf is a paranormal romance where the heroine has multiple love interests. This is book one of two.

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