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Perfect Storm (Raining Love) by Euryia Larsen
Publication Date: May 5, 2022
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Storm KenzieAfter one too many life disasters I decided to escape to my grandmother’s island home. The problem is that the weekend I arrive, so does the storm of the decade. Just as I’m convinced the house is going to be destroyed while I’m in it, two guys appear seeking shelter. My gut instinct says I can trust them, my damaged heart tells me to run away.

Marc Thompson and Trent Gilly
Our fishing trip is ruined when we encounter a dangerous storm at sea. Washing up on an island filled with vacation homes, we go to the first one we see seeking shelter. What we find is the perfect woman for us. We’d always known we wanted to share, now we just need to show her that after the storm clears we'll have forever.

When it's Raining Love why stop at one man to warm your bed when you can have two? This spring, join some of your favorite contemporary romance authors for a menage romance series that will have you curling up with your ereader hoping the rain never ends.

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