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Sand, Stone and Steel: A Reverse Harem Cyborg SF/Fantasy Romance (The Protectors Book 1) by Nhys Glover
Publication Date: February 1, 2022
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For Yin and all her kind, the sight of winged Aerians in the sky meant safety. But when she automatically uses previously unknown mental powers to protect one such Aerian, Yin finds herself stolen away from her home and embroiled in a rebellion she didn’t even know was taking place.
The cyborgs that serve humanity on a distant world are invincible in all ways except one: their human minds are prone to madness. When Stone and Steel, two young Aerian cyborgs, save Yin from a terrible death, they realize the millennium-old Prophecy of the Protector is about to be fulfilled. Along with Sand, their high-ranking superior, they risk everything to keep safe the woman they know can do far more than just protect them. Her love can heal their tortured minds and save humanity from annihilation.

This Reverse Harem Romance includes MFMM love scenes that, while tastefully written, are only suitable for mature readers.

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