Dragon Found (Princess of Hell Book 1) by Ember-Raine Winters

Dragon Found (Princess of Hell Book 1) by Ember-Raine Winters

Being the only princess of Hell has its pitfalls like overprotective brothers throwing anyone that catches her eye into the pit of torment for eternity.

Lila’s fate was set at birth. She would have four mates but her brothers were determined to keep that fate from her.

Eli has always had strong feelings for Lila so when she stumbles into the blood kingdom he decides he won’t let her go this time. The prophecy that he wouldn’t be her only mate doesn’t deter him and they set out to find the others who will complete their bond.

Lovers of Caroline Peckham and Suzanne Valenti will love this fast paced action packed romance.

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Warning this is for mature audiences only and contains some adult content may make some readers uncomfortable. If you don’t like kickass heroines who don’t have to choose and hot alphas who love each other as much as their mate this story may not be for you!