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Hardest Hearts: monster romance trilogy book 2 (Under) by Riley Onyx
Publication Date: June 10, 2022
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The world of Under is cold and hard, but with my three monster protectors I’m determined to escape. There is only one way to leave Under and that is to climb the spire that pierces the sky in the center. The spire rises out of the castle and the castle is heavily guarded. Is this a good time to mention I really don’t like heights? Giving up would be easy and giving into the fear and violence of Under becomes tempting. Without the passion of my pack, I’m sure I would’ve forgotten who I am already. They might be monsters, but they are keeping me human. And they believe that I can save them and return them to the world above. That I am some kind of hero. I’m not sure I can save anyone. Delve into the world of Under in this rough and steamy monster mmfm romance. Book 2 of the Under trilogy.
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