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Unbalanced by Tami Payton
Publication Date: October 30, 2022
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I’ve never been a rule follower, and this time was no different. Only this time, my life depended on it.My family sent me to SCU in hopes of turning me into the perfect daughter, the perfect wife. I had no desire to be either, and I made no effort to hide it. My biggest screw up? Mating outside of my species and refusing to be subservient to any man. I guess I also didn’t get the memo that lionesses shouldn’t have magic or have more power than the opposite sex. Again, I never did follow the rules. Now, the Elders are on the hunt for me, desperate to get me under control and my brother is missing because of the secrets he’s uncovered. It’s a fight for our lives as my mates and I try to save the ones who mean the most to us all, while still learning what the hell I really am. Because it turns out I’m more than just a regular lioness. The Elders are not just hunting me; they fear me. But the mystery remains to be seen as to why…
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