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Death by Vanilla: A Wings of Darkness + Light Gage Origin Story by C. Rochelle
Publication Date: January 25, 2022
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There's an old saying that one should befriend their inner demons. The first problem with that sentiment is mine are buried so deep, I'd need an excavator to unearth them all. The second problem is I'm the demon. The third is I'm in love with my best friend—the girl who was raised by my side, like a sister. But the way I feel about Syd is not brotherly, and the things I want to do to her would make even the most bloodthirsty angel weep. From the moment I found her wandering the badlands of Hell, I knew she was mine, and that I was hers in return. Her powers have always been unusual, and her heritage unknown, but I could always tell she was special. The fact that no one else in this place has ever recognized her brilliance makes me want to burn down the entire realm, just so she can glow brighter. When my girl goes missing—and all signs point to Heaven being the culprit—I'm forced to ask my Councilman father for help. He's never supported me choosing to be a Reaper over following in his political footsteps, but to my surprise, he grants me permission to search for her. It's a dangerous game I'm playing, as I suspect the Council is interested in locating Syd for their own purposes. But I would choose Syd over my future as a Reaper in Hell’s Demonic Forces, over my shaky relationship with my father, over the realm of Hell itself. Some destinies are inescapable—written in the stars above. --- The Wings of Darkness + Light trilogy is an alternate history that imagines "What if angels and demons walked among us?" The trilogy is a steamy, paranormal romance with an urban fantasy, alternate-history setting, featuring a heroine who is a force to be reckoned with. This novella is an origin story for one of the men in the harem and takes place in the days leading up to and after events in Shadows Spark (Book 1). While I don’t feel it contains spoilers, if you’d rather read the main trilogy first, start with Shadows Spark, or dive into the Wings of Darkness + Light: Complete Trilogy + Bonus Content. This series includes: MM Multiple POV (You’ll be hearing from the guys) This series is meant for readers 18 and over Beware: Cliffys ahead! Possible triggers in the series as a whole: Sweary dialogue Naughty humor Extra spicy extracurricular activities Gore and violence Plenty of side-eye toward the Old and New Testament and societal class systems Mention of contemplated suicide Brief scene of attempted SA (book 2) DC outside the harem (book 3)
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