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Blood and Chaos: A Reverse Harem Mafia Romance (A Syndicate of Blood and Chaos Book 2) by Emma R. Dean
Publication Date: September 2, 2022
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Two kingdoms: one of shadows, and one of blood. Damien Chaos was a devil of his own making, and yet, somehow he found himself agreeing to a deal with Kira Cain instead of the other way around. She’d manipulated him into a position where the only solution was to do exactly as she wanted. Shadow was his, but the cost was almost more than he could stand. Kira Cain was going to be his wife, and the arranged marriage would put her at his side as his queen and equal. The only problem was Damien couldn’t control her, and she already had Aeron and Kaito wrapped around her little finger. Things may not be going as planned, but there was no way he’d let anyone else fück!ng touch her. Dante would suffer for putting her in danger, and this time Damien wasn’t going to let it slide. This is a reverse harem mafia romance where the villain gets the girl. It has some dark themes including manipulation, stalking, kidnapping, and violence. This story also has MM.
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