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Academy of Mages & Shifters : A Paranormal Reverse Harem Box Set (Academy of Mages and Shifters Book 6) by Laura Wylde
Publication Date: February 13, 2022
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The full Academy of Mages & Shifters collection at a discounted price Included in this box set are books I through V of exciting harem matches between unique heroines who face the dark forces that threaten the Academy's existence. Book I: Four gorgeous dragon shifters want me as their mate. At the Academy of Mages and Shifters, every druidess needs to find her harem. And since I’m the new Irishwoman who comes from a long line of druidess priestesses, I’ve got a target over my head. Connor – he’s sought after by pretty much every druidess in the school just because he’s hot and shares the same blood as Merlin. Duncan – is the opposite of Connor. He’s easy on the eyes and has the biggest arms I’ve seen on a man. But he’s surprisingly soft-spoken. Trevor – Scottish dragon. Smaller than the rest of the group but is quick and witty. Artemis – the most magical of the dragons as his mom is a druidess. He’s certainly charming, but that could be deceiving at times. Book II: My Chosen Harem Being in my third year at the Academy, I’m a bit of an outlier since I still don’t have a harem of my own yet. Mix that in with the fact that I’m a descendant of Merlin and you get… the point. Let’s just say that my priorities have suddenly changed and I now have four very unique men by my side to help me take on a mission that could destroy the Academy if not the world. Evan: a wolf shifter who is a guide and protector. A true Alpha. Trent: Evan’s best friend. Fox shifter. Also, a bit of a trouble maker and prankster. Joshua: An Irish hawk shifter and tech-genius. Andrew: One arrogant elf but a wealth of knowledge. Book III: I’m labeled an outcast because I did’t want a harem. I came to the Academy of Mages and Shifters to excel in two things: magic and fighting. Other Druidesses at the Academy come from “special” lineage. But, I’m just a plain Jane who knows how to use a sword real well. Because of my experience and skill, I’ve been chosen to protect the human realm from the ruthless demons in Edinburgh. One caveat: I need to bring a group of men to help me. Finding a harem has never been my priority until now… Joseph: a bear shifter and reliable protector. Mostly keeps to himself. John: a bat shifter and an amazing demon scout. Tall with cute dimples. Ethan: Tall. Broad shoulders. Strong. Deer shifter who is able to carry me around quickly. Nathan: Unlike the others, he’s not a shifter at all. However, he’s Irish and is one of Merlin’s descendants. Book IV: Wisdom comes from multiple heads. I’ve been given the terrible responsibility for the war between the students of the Academy and the demons. My assignment: to put ALL students into harems. Easy, right? I can barely keep my own love life together. But all hope isn’t lost. I’ve got my friends, the owl shifters, Mark, Perry, Pierce and Chase. Only spending more time with them is proving more challenging than I expected. I’m wondering now if love has been under my nose this entire time? Book V: I could not have been assigned a worse harem. Who on earth thought that I would be suitable for Jack, Evan, Frederick, and Aston? They can't even have a conversation without yelling at one another. It’s hard for romance to exist when hate trumps love. At least my magic is most suitable for protecting both the magical and non magical people of the Kingdom. That is as long as they don't kill one another first….
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