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Her Best Friend's Big Bad Brothers by Chloe Kent
Publication Date: February 11, 2022
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Alyson Edwards has her own set of problems. Not only is she barely making ends meet, when her father gets involved with some really bad people and makes some really bad decisions, she’s the one who is going to end up paying for them. With her life. It sucks to her, and those are poor people problems, but the one thing she keeps is her pride and doesn’t need anyone’s help, money or pity. But then her best friend, heiress Sienna Gallagher, who respects the boundaries of their friendship, has her trust fund privileges taken away by her big, bad brothers, and Alyson’s whole world changes. When she can’t talk Sienna out of the crazy plan of tricking each of her brothers out of a tidy sum of money, involving an age-old Gallagher family tradition, Alyson is left agreeing to help her and becomes the star of her show. Except no one triple-crosses the Gallagher brothers and gets away with it. And now Sienna has been sent away to the middle of nowhere and Alyson is left behind to face the brothers alone. Spice factor: Edgy and a bit more than a fistful.
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